The CFEE is a non-profit, community-based philanthropic foundation, whose mission is to foster academic excellence, promote innovation, and enhance the vitality of the Cranford Public Schools by generating additional resources through community involvement. Grants are awarded to educators who will use the funding to advance this mission.


Grants may be awarded to teachers, teacher teams, administrators, or district staff. Grants may be submitted with partner organizations (e.g., community members, organizations, PTA.)

Funding Guidelines

We are seeking to fund grant proposals that:

  • are in line with the district’s mission and curricular goals but are not currently funded. These may include forward thinking approaches to teaching and learning that require seed funding. For grants that would require subsequent funding, consideration should be taken for how the district might budget for the cost, contingent upon the success of the project.
  • show clearly how the proposed project is intended to improve student learning or achieve learning objectives for students.
  • make a logical and clear connection between the needs of the students, the activities you will undertake to meet that need, and the outcome/impact on that need by the end of the project.

NOTE: Professional development (teacher practice): Grants may include a request for related professional development. This should be indicated in the Rationale and calculated in the Budget on the application.

In collaboration with the Cranford School District Administration, the following categories of innovation will guide grant seekers. Please select the category that your grant request best fits when applying:

Innovations for Differentiation/Personalization
These grant proposals should focus on curricular supplies for lessons / projects that promote differentiation or personal learning in your classroom. Proposals that address intervention and enrichment opportunities, as they relate to a broader sense of equity and inclusivity are encouraged.
Innovations for Technology Integration/21st Century Skills
These grant proposals should focus on software and applications that teachers would like to pilot to innovate and personalize their instruction, such as PearDeck, Voicethread, Virtual Reality, Online Portfolios, etc… The goal would be to pilot programs that could be expanded to grade-level teams, departments or a district technology library.
Innovations in Classroom Design
These grant proposals should focus on innovative classroom designs to support personal learning. Examples include flexible seating, whiteboard tables, whiteboard walls, conference seating, presentation/demonstration spaces, or any other creative ideas for reimagining your classroom space to inspire learners.
Innovation Zones/Makerspaces
These grant proposals should focus on the purchase of materials to support tinkering and student exploration. These innovative spaces foster creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving while teaching students design-thinking and a growth mindset. Materials will include those that support science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Items for construction, robotics, electronics, and gaming, among others, will be considered. Storage/furniture to support the space such as flexible seating, whiteboard tables, lego walls, etc. may be requested as well.
Innovations to Support School District Goals
These grant proposals should focus on sustainable projects that support one or more of the district goals.

Technology Guidelines

Requests for funding including technology will require review from the district technology supervisor and/or the building principal to assure compatibility with existing district technology and that technology support/repair can be provided if necessary.


All funded applicants are required to complete a Project Evaluation Form and communicate the end result of the funding following implementation of the grant.


Grants will not be awarded for:

  • Assemblies or one-time events
  • Teacher stipends
  • Giveaways (t-shirts, water bottles, goodie bags, etc.)
  • Meals and refreshments
  • General classroom supplies and equipment not related to a special project
  • Projects that can more appropriately be funded through another source

The next grants cycle will open in Spring 2024!

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